UK and Canada impose sanctions on Myanmar military generals following the U.S.'s lead

미국 이어 영국•캐나다도 미얀마 군부인사 제재

World powers are putting pressure on Myanmar over the toppling of their civilian led- government.
Britain and Canada have imposed sanctions on the ruling generals of the military junta,…while the situation in the country is worsening.
For more on this and other news around the world, we have Choi Jeong-yoon.
Jeong-yoon, give us the latest on Myanmar.
Mokyeon, thirteen days have passed since protests started and about 5-hundred people are estimated to have been detained.
But the spirit among civilians…calling for democracy has not been defeated, and is instead getting stronger.
In response, the ruling junta has strengthened measures to curb demonstrations.
The Myanmar police have issued arrest warrants for six celebrities for endorsing a national strike movement.
The punishment may include imprisonment of up to three years, a fine, or both.
As the turmoil in Myanmar continues, western countries have condemned the takeover.
Following sanctions from the U.S announced last week, both Britain and Canada put curbs on military generals.
Britain said it would freeze assets and ban travel for three generals while Canada said it would take action against nine military officials.
They hold the military accountable for violating human rights and pressuring civilians.
Myanmar’s government made no immediate reaction to the new sanctions but had said earlier this week that sanctions were expected.

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2021-02-19, 07:00 (KST)


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