The Sad State of Farmers in the Philippines

The Sad State of Farmers in the Philippines
Farmers are working hard to harvest their crops and hit with pandemic and oversupply
they invested money, man power and in the end force to sell cheap. The worst they did not got their capital investment back.
This may be the best time the government should help the farmer. Buy the goods of the farmer in reasonable price. Make sure they can still profit but not hurt the free market
Just like what the Food Terminal Inc where founded for .we can store excess goods bought in low prices and then release it to the public to stabilise prices
The idea of a food terminal originated with the conceptualization and construction of the GREATER MANILA TERMINAL FOOD MARKET (GMTFM), envisioned to become the primary trade/market for food and agriculture in Metro Manila
The GMTFM was later on converted into an Agro-Industrial Commercial Estate and on March 27, 1974, a new corporate name for GMTFM was adopted: FOOD TERMINAL INCORPORATED.
In it’s peak.It was one of the largest single refrigerated warehouses in Asia with a total storage capacity of 55,000 cubic meters. But 1989 due to the conflict with free trade market FTI ceased operations.
The FTI engaged in the wholesale of selected commodities to provide assistance to food producers and exporters. It also handled the retail of basic food items to the general public at its KADIWA centers.
Kadiwa stores as it is called can be set up to various places where prices are high.
Kadiwa] enabled the public to buy goods at cheaper rates and the farmers to sell their crops without having to worry about transportation costs and eliminate the middlemen who jack up prices for profits,”

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