Air Canada fine, B.C. embraces reopening, Toxic makeup | The National for June 15, 2021

The U.S. wants to fine Air Canada $25 million for slow customer refunds. B.C. relaxes another round of COVID-19 restrictions. Plus, the toxic ingredients hiding inside popular makeup products.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story included an interview with two people claiming they were eyewitnesses to the incident that led to the death of RCMP Const. Shelby Patton.

CBC interviewed the couple at the site of the collision in Wolseley, Sask. They told CBC News details of the events they claimed to witness from their apartment overlooking the scene. The couple expressed shock and emotion at what they say they had witnessed.

At that time, we had no reason to doubt their story.

The RCMP contacted CBC after investigators interviewed the couple, indicating their information showed that the couple’s story was false. CBC News contacted the two people, who then admitted they had fabricated the story they told to our reporter.

We have removed their account from this broadcast.

00:00 The National for June 15, 2021
00:59 U.S. seeks to fine Air Canada $25M
03:35 B.C. relaxes another round of COVID-19 restrictions
06:59 Nova Scotia relaxes COVID-19 restrictions
07:20 Parts of the Atlantic Bubble to reopen soon
07:46 Kashechewan COVID-19 outbreak
10:01 Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout
10:17 COVID-19 vaccinations in Canada’s prisons
12:41 Community honours RCMP Const. Shelby Patton
15:02 Documents detail RCMP response to N.S. shooting
17:08 Liberals propose changes to Official Languages Act
20:10 Tokyo Olympics still a go, despite public concern
22:52 Southwestern U.S. facing severe drought, wildfire risk
25:38 President Biden to meet President Putin
25:56 Life in the Siberian coal town of Kiselyovsk
32:38 Citizen scientists isolate in the Norweigan Arctic
40:33 Potentially toxic chemicals hiding in makeup
43:11 The Moment


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